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Володин В.О.
Студент 4го курса НОУ «Институт Бизнеса и Права»
Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Научный руководитель Воробьева А.С.,
преподаватель кафедры иностранных языков

Маркетинговая политика в условиях экономического кризиса

Аннотация Данная работа была проведена в рамках переводческой практики студентов программы «Переводчик в сфере профессиональной коммуникации». Помимо практики и перевода научных экономических статей проводится работа по переводу статей, написанных студентами самостоятельно, что и представляет собой эта статья, содержащая основные положения дипломного проекта на тему маркетинговой политики. В ней отражены маркетинговые решения для наиболее безболезненного выхода из экономического кризиса.

Volodin Vitalii
4th year student, Institute of Business and Law
Scientific tutor Vorobiova A.S.

Marketing policy vs crisis

You are owner of small business, which has fallen into crisis. And your business is specialized in services - the most vulnerable sphere in our days. It seems that you are doomed? I offer to reject panic thoughts and try to form Anticrisis marketing policy which will help you.

Let's start. The most important while the markets are crashing is prices. Without attractive prices any business is doomed. That's why you must cut your prices by any way. It's possible only with the help of the work with personnel, cutting marge, which company gets, working with your suppliers, if your facilities depend on someone else. There are a lot of ways - the thing is to find the most effective and successful.

After you defined with prices - you must inform you clients. But it shouldn't be a spam. If your workers are telling you that it's the best way to communicate with client - they are lying into your face. The best way of communicating in the sphere of service- is face to face communication. It's necessary to adjust personnel on this. Add new sale-managers and give them not a salary, but percents from sales. Today at the labour-market there are a lot of well-prepared for a communication people who are looking for a job. If you can effectively communicate with people - it wouldn't be hard for you to attract part of this people to work with you.

Let them act according to the scheme call-meting-call. It means that they call the client, meet with him, find the contact with potential client, and call him again to check the results of meeting, and continue relationships. If it's possible make your managers to check all potential clients. Even those who always were considered as regular client of your competitors, and it was impossible to get them. In period of crisis old connections can be easily broken and new ones - easily formed.

Organize the motion of guerrilla marketing in city - shock the public. Approximate example - send to the streets of the city half-naked girls with body art with inscription: "The lowest prices are in this agency". Invent action format for your company. The action must shock the public, be recognizable and cheap.

Today is the time of tough decisions and unexpected marketing moves. Classic advertisement falls in the past and never comes back. Post your video into the internet - let it be shocking to. Reveal the examples which you have seen in your life. Shoot the real fight into the office (or take it somewhere) and mix it like battle of clients for your company. You can do something else, there are a lot of variants and all depend only on your fantasy, this is just the first that came to head.

The essential solutions of your marketing policy during crisis period is: low prices, wild activity of your sale-managers and hard guerrilla advertising. If everything is done correctly - success and victory are yours. Remember it.

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