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Воробьева А.С.
Преподаватель английского языка НОУ «Институт бизнеса и права»
Россия, Санкт-Петербург

Английский язык и экономический кризис


В настоящей работе показано, что, несмотря на высказанную некоторыми экономистами маловероятную возможность перемещения экономического центра в не англо-говорящую страну (например, Китай), английский язык не потеряет свою актуальность. Наряду с этим английский язык является необходимым условием, как обеспечения академической мобильности студентов, так и повышения конкурентоспособности выпускников вузов на рынке труда.

Vorobiova Anna
Teacher of the Foreign Language Department
Institute of Business and Low

English and economic crisis

Nowadays many spheres of business are in tension because of economic crisis. Comparing with 1998, this crisis is global. And nobody knows when it is going to come to an end, even quite large companies carry out job cuts, and these cuts are reluctant and sometimes inconsiderate.

In this situation the question of searching a new job and your knowledge and skills estimating arises. In spite of the crisis, the criteria remain unchanged, all companies are looking for specialists with diplomas form top higher education institutions and great work experience. As for personal qualities, now positive, flexible and active specialists who know how to achieve success are sought-after.

Knowledge is the major value of an employee and it is high time to concentrate on increasing the cost of that value.

Crisis is an excellent opportunity to show professional and personal qualities at most for ambitious people.

Investments in education are always self-liquidate. This statement is particularly true for professional education. Even if your work-experience makes you a great specialist in your sphere, advanced degree in the sphere is extremely important for your reputation. Make sure that you have chosen the correct field of specialization, you must be ready to dedicate your long carrier growth to this field.

Invest in yourself. Crisis gives us an opportunity to find the time which we always needed to improve English or to study other languages.

In connection to this there is a question: is English up-to-date in terms of modern situation? With the best will in the world mankind won't be able to refuse of it immediately, even if America and Europe lose their stable positions and the economic center moves to Asia. There is too much information and "rules" accumulated in English even programming languages adopt semantic units from English not hieroglyphs from Chinese or Cyrillic alphabet from Russian.

Formerly any educated person knew several foreign languages. For example, Lomonosov knew more then 20 languages and that was not rare at that point in time. In all educational institutions the studies were in Latin, but exactly during this period of time (18-19centuries) we see the blossom of Russian literature and language arts.

Now we live in the period of never yet seen globalization: scientific exchanges, commerce, joint venture companies, migration, marriages with foreigners, international security, ecology, tourism, sport, cultural bonds, television and of course the Internet. But education in Russia doesn't want to take into account changed conditions and train graduates who are adjusted to modern problems. You can defend five diplomas contained an excellent marks but they are just useless if you do not know a word in English. Even in such great educational centers like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg investors can't find enough personnel with knowledge of at least one foreign language for their joint ventures.

Naturally you can't learn all foreign languages but every graduate should know English, because it is main international language. So studying should be done in English gradually that our graduates could write and defend their thesis in English like, for example, in Sweden, where the thesis on the theme of Swedish grammar is defended in English.

Expenditure of money for transferring teaching into English, even on a scale of the country, won't be too big at least it is particularly less than it was for computerization and connection of all schools to the high-speed Internet. But the advantages of this change will pay its way during very short period of time. Our graduates will have significant capital for their future carrier, they will possess knowledge. It can give them an opportunity to successfully cooperate with foreign partner, attract foreign investments. Of course if our country have such valuable specialists the image of the country will improve significantly, this in its turn will influence on our economic situation.

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